Taking that as a princible, the volume of the system's water increases along with the temperature increase in the closed circuit heating & cooling systems. As the increasing water volume can not be compressed, the excess of the water has to be compansated into the closed curcuit system. For this reason, the most common way to compensate the excess of the water is to add an expansion tank to the system.

Tank Metal Body

  • Interchangable membrane due to screw connection flange cover at the bottom of the tank
  • Flange cover and water connector made of carbon steel material
  • Resistant up to 10/16/25 bars
  • Outer surface with epoxy powder paint
  • All tanks CE 97/23 Certified


  • High quality membranes according to European Standarts
  • Suitable for use -20°C/+100°C working temperature
  • Suitable for use with Ethylene-or Propylene-Glycolic mixtures
  • DIN 4807-3 certified
  • Option: Butly membranes available upon request

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