P 7081

  • N-technology hydraulic
  • Sustained high efficiency
  • Aluminium bronze​ propeller
  • Robust and reliable


The P 7081 pump offers maximum reliability, thanks to our well proven and unique N-technology consisting of backswept leading edges on the propeller blades and a relief groove in the wear ring area. The patented N-technology assures a self-cleaning pump resulting in no unplanned stops and reduced energy bills due to its sustained high efficiency.

The pump is easy to install, without assembly or shaft-alignment problems. The Flygt submersible P 7081 can be installed in its 1000 mm column within minutes. And you can easily hoist it for servicing, thanks to our smart installation concept.


  • Motor designed for submersible use. Heat is concentrated to the stator core for improved cooling properties.
  • Aluminum-bronze propeller for normal use in most applications.
  • Optional stainless steel propeller for applications that require stainless steel.
  • Self-cleaning guide vanes optimized for use in contaminated water.
  • Martensitic stainless steel shaft gives maximum strength and corrosive resistance.
  • Optional duplex stainless steel shaft for superior corrosive resistance.
  • Double mechanical seal system. Two sets of mechanical shaft seals work independently to provide double security. Available in Tungsten carbide (WCCR) or Silicone carbide (SiC) depending on pumped media.
  • Motor cable SUBCAB® specially developed for submersible use.


Column (L)

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