Compact and rugged drive modules for heavy hybrid or full electric vehicles and marine applications.


 mobile drive

Dependable heavy duty performance is essential to your operations. Our HES880 drives are designed with this in mind. They help you increase productivity, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. 

With its high vibration tolerance, the HES880 offers the rugged, reliable performance you demand.  When used in regenerative inverter mode, it controls the torque and speed of the electric motor. This can be a traction motor or any other electric motor, even an electrically driven hydraulic pump. When used in its line converter mode, it can control the power network connectivity and charge the batteries while the machine is not moving. In DC/DC converter mode the drive transfers energy to and from a battery or a super capacitor. The energy storage can be used for full-electric operation or as a hybrid with a diesel engine for power peak shaving or operating on batteries and using diesel as a range extender.

Key features

  • Ultra-low harmonic drive with power factor of cosφ 0.98
  • High environmental protection class, IP67
  • Withstands heavy vibration and shocks
  • Suitable for strongly cyclic loads
  • Wide ambient temperature range, -40 to +85 ºC (-40 to 185 ºF)
  • Liquid cooling with high liquid input temperature, up to 70 ºC (158 ºF)
  • CAN-bus control interface
  • Certified Safe Torque Off (STO) as a standard
  • Chokes for DC/DC converter
  • LCL-filter for grid connection
  • Internal brake chopper
  • Global availability and support

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