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Elevator drive

Our new elevator drive is a reliable choice for all gearless and geared low- and mid-rise elevators with or without a machine room. The seamless operation with all types of motors helps you build elevators that provide the quietest, most efficient and most comfortable passenger experience without vibration and jerks. Selecting a regenerative drive option lets you reduce the elevator's carbon footprint and operating costs.

Smoothness. Quietness. Flexibility. Safety. You know that everything counts when selecting elevator control.


Main benefits

  • The widest free memory allocation for programming your own elevator functionality.
  • Energy efficient operation. Low power consumption helps you fulfill the latest energy efficiency classifications. Regenerative drive options recycle braking energy to reduce carbon footprint and operating costs.
  • Quiet motor operation. Runs all types of synchronous and asynchronous motors quietly without vibration and jerks.
  • Less contactors. The drives come standard with an integrated safe torque off (SIL 3) safety function that makes possible to eliminate contactors on the motor side (TÜV certificate pending).
  • Fast encoder offset autotuning without disconnecting the mechanics and ropes saves installation time.
  • Commissioning of the drive during new installs and modernization of old elevators is made fast and easy by transferring the drive's software and settings from a removable memory unit.

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