Crane Intelligence / Controlling / Monitoring SWF

Sway Control electronic load-sway protection

• Increased productivity
Higher speeds and faster acceleration rates can be used. Better positioning accuracy as the load is not swaying when travel motion is stopped.
• Increased safety
Crane operator can focused on safety of load handling while not worrying about the load swing. Reduced risk of collisions due to reduced load sway.
• Less training needed for crane operators
to reach proficient level of positioning accuracy and load handling safety.

The electronic Sway Control load-sway protection feature prevents harmful load peaks and therefore reduces the stress exerted on both electrical and mechanical components. This cuts the time and money spent on maintenance. The crane is easy to control and allows the load to be placed in just the rightposition. The crane operator can focus his concentration entirely on the load and does not have to take into consideration the cross and long travelling movements. This represents a considerable saving in time and enhances the safety of the operation in progress.

Sway Control monitors all movements as well as lifting height (sway length), speed of travel and the load carried. The system uses these values to regulate acceleration and braking curves correspondingly, thus preventing sway on the load suspended.


Tandem operation for hoists and cranes

Simultaneous operation with two or more hoists
This system is used where loads have to be transported with more than one lifting-gear unit at the same time and delivered to an exact spot. Up to four units can be controlled by the crane operator in tandem operation at the same time. In this way the hoists start and stop at exactly the same time during the lifting and lowering process.

• Simultaneous lifting and lowering
• Load summation
• High degree of operational safety
• Constant hook levelling
• No need to correct individual lifting units
• Rapid and accurate load carrying

Shared use of two cranes
Where two cranes are in shared use at the same time, it is always possible for dangerous situations to arise as soon as one of the cranes involved unexpectedly slows down or stops. The electronic crane interlocking feature prevents exactly this situation. There is constant radio monitoring and exchanging of all relevant data. Relays in an additional control panel for each crane ensure that fed back messages are processed, and they handle the communication between the two systems.

The following components and functions are included in the monitoring system and therefore offer a thoroughly safe system:

• Main contactor
• Long and cross travel
• Lifting/lowering
• All travelling limit switches
• Overload safety feature
• Frequency inverter function
• Overheating protection for all motors
• Anti collosion device

NovaMaster electronic hoist condition monitoring system

• Safe working
Hoist gear monitoring, permanent SWP calculation, continuous overload protection
• Protective working
Smooth lifting and stopping of the load
• Short downtimes
Quick reading of all crane-related data on the display
• Low maintenance costs
Smooth acceleration and braking reduce the wear and tear on motors and brakes

Advantage: Easily optimises the crane‘s profitability

NovaMaster constantly monitors and stores all the hoists parameters:
• Remaining safe working period (SWP) of the hoist
• Total number of starts
• Total working period of the hoist motor
• Total number of hoist cycles
• Average load
• Remaining safe working period of the brake
• Current load on the hook
• Current supply voltage
• Total number of overload incidents
• Total number of emergency stop incidents
• Maximum value of the calculated duty cycle (ED)
• Total switch-on time of the crane
• Maximum measured value of the load
and much more

Additional features:
• Relay outputs for other electrically controlled additional functions
• Intermediate loads can be programmed for the hoist
• Analogue output, for example for a large load display (0-10 V)
• RadioMaster remote control with a display indicating the current load
• Slack rope function with a bypass, e.g. for using load suspension devices
• CANbus function to network up to 5 hoists
• Multifunctional inlets e.g. for overload switching points or start/runtime counters
• Load measurements/summation optional via strain gauge sensor or motor current measurements

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