At a glance SWL up to 16 t. Spans up to 39 m (SWL dependent). Optimised headroom via main girder connection variants. Highest possible hook position can be achieved.

  • Double-girder-overhead-travelling-crane-ABUS_airpump.png
    At a glance SWLup to 120 t. Spans up to 40 m (SWL dependent). Additional features can be easily added. Fast long and cross travel speeds possible.

  • Single-girder-wall-travelling-crane-ABUS_airpump.png
    At a glance SWL up to 5 t. Span up to 12 m (depending on load capacity). On separate crane track on second level underneath other overhead travelling cranes. Ideal as workstatio...

  • Single-girder-semi-goliath-crane-ABUS_airpump.png
    At a glance SWL up to 10 t Spans up to 15 m. Used mid-level with production environments. No floor-level obstacles as no guide rail required. Installation quick and easy. Minor lo...
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