-The totally-enclosed, self-cooled, class F insulation motors, designed for the new series, have high efficiency, high performance, and high torque, and excel in durability.
-All motors are furnished with an external terminal box, and are easy to wire and maintain.
-Made of excellent heat resistant insulating materials, the insulation system is high in reliability, resisting humidity, heat and
-The torque characteristic and starting input characteristic have a sufficient allowance.
-The hoist motor is provided with radiation fin, which keeps the temperature rise to a minimum.
-All the motors are of a low noise type.
-As Trolley brake is equipped with Release device, hoist can be moved under Power supply cut-off condition at the time of installation and maintenance and inspection.
-As Trolley motor is equipped with heat

Product Description

■Safety device

-Magnet (Electromagnetic) brake Disc type DC brake is applied for winding-up and trolley. Lining made from Non-asbestos material with excellent abrasion resistant performance is applied and so can be used for long time without anxiety. Their construction is very simple and easy for the brake gap adjustment. Easy usage and performance are improved remarkably.

-Dual upper limit switch The control circuit is cut off by the first upper limit switch to stop lifting. In the case of reverse phase operation, reverse winding or short-circuit the second upper limit switch cut off the main circuit, of the hoist motor.

-Load limiter (option) Overload preventing device through electric current detecting system.

-Power line sensor (option) Contact-fusion detecting device. Voltage converter will be required, if the power source for main circuit is NOT 3-phase, 200V (50Hz/60Hz). Consult us.

-Thermal unit (option) Detecting the winding temperature of the motor, this is a safety unit to stop the motor when the temperature exceeds the limit.

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