■ Features
1. Compact design with small number of parts assures easy assembling, disassembling and maintenance.
2. Low headroom structure expands working space.
3. New hoisting mechanism with helical gear has reduced the noise.
4. Specially designed host-motor with less power consumption.
5. Magnetic contactor with mechanical interlock suits inching operation. Electrical interlock also prevents misuse safely.
6. Hook has punch marks showing the original distance of hook opening for the convenience of maintenance.
7. Small and light push-button switch of ABS resin (rainproof construction).



Product Description

■ Safety device – Magnet brake Disc type DC magnet brake for both lifting and traversing. Waterproof brake disc needs almost no adjustment of the break. – Dual upper limit switch First step to cut operation circuit to stop lifting. Just in case of reverse phase operation, reverse winding or short circuit, second step (for emergency) cuts main circuit.


Before selecting hoists, investigate operating and environmental conditions.

1.「Capacity」 How many tons is the lifting load ?

2.「Lifting」 How many meters is the lifting height ?

3.「Operating conditions」 Indoor or Outdoor ?

4.「Application」 Up and Down, Up/Down and Left/Right, or Up/Down Plus East/West/South/North (Crane operation) ?

5.「Power supply」 How many voltage and 50Hz or 60Hz ?


Rated load shows the maximum load which hoist can lift up.

Over load can not be admitted by the relative laws and regulation.

The most suitable normal load is 50-63% of the rated load for safety and long time operation.

Lifting height is the height to lift up the load.

Select the height at the time when the hook reached the ground.

It is regulated that more than two rounds of wire should remain on the drum at the lowest position.



There would be case where the standard hoist can not be used according to operation and/or environmental conditions. KAMIUCHI have

been manufacturing lots of special hoists in order to comply with wide requests from our customers. Pay attention to the following conditions.

  1. Different voltage Instruct voltage and frequency other than standard power supply 3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz and AC220V 60Hz.
  1. Designation of control voltage In case of different voltage and less than 200V, a transformer is to be required and so instruct it to us.
  1. Operating environment Indoor operation is a standard. In case of outdoor operation, the housing is necessary. Standard specification can be applied to small amount of dust. Special specifications are to be required for applications where acid and/or steam exist. No anti-explosive type is available.
  1. Alteration of speed In case both low or high speed is to be required, there is a case that the modification can be made with the same model or a case that the alteration of the model is necessary.
  1. Lifting height (R type – K type) In special high lifting head type of semi-standard type, the lifting height up to 45m is standardized. (In case of double rail type, up to 36m)
  1. Stationary type Stationary type, which can be used as winch, is manufactured separately.

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